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Solidarity and Cooperation for Sharing - Huijin Technology Set Up Ball Sports Association

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2018-09-21 Browse:3609

Recently, Ball Sports Association of Huijin Technology was set up with approval of the Trade Union Committee. Aiming at "enhancing health, promoting communication, improving sports skills and furthering solidarity", this association has boosted and promoted various ball sports events within the company in a well-organized, planned, and effective way, brought more communication between staff and teams, and facilitated harmonious communication and experience sharing among the staff.

Since beginning of this year, the association has participated in "Friendly Basket Ball Match of Zhongdian Cup", held "Vigorous Huijin - Friendly Double Badminton Game", enriched staff's activities in spare time, and won much good reputation.

In recent years, whiling making rapid development, Huijin Technology has also focused on construction of corporate culture, as corporate cultural activities, as a powerful cohesive factor in construction of corporate culture, will promote and lead to a cohesion among the staff in corporate growth, improve staff's sense of identity and belonging to the company, and facilitate mutual development of the enterprise and staff through intangible cultural environment and atmosphere and communication in staff's thoughts and feelings. 

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